[CQ-Contest] I shouldnt be complaining but..

W0UN -- John Brosnahan shr at swtexas.net
Sun Sep 17 09:40:18 EDT 2006

At 10:13 PM 9/16/2006, lew wrote:
>KO1H wrote:
> > <>I Received a Certificate for CW WW SSB 2005 #2 world #1 US #1 W1
> > Now am I being selfish or is cq just stingy in the wood department?
> > PS I have the same problem with IARU.
> > Flame suit on Im sure I will need it...
> >
>      Hi John,
>The most EGREGIOUS wood plaque sponsoring program is associated with
>The Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge sponsored by The Boring Amateur
>Radio Club enveloping the world 1500Z 30 Dec to 1500Z 31 Dec 2006, which
>also has very cool certificates noting accomplishments upon the field of
>160M RF.
>      Lew   W7EW/W7AT
>      Primary Plaquester for The Boring Amateur Radio Club


EGREGIOUS in what way?  Or are you using the ARCHAIC meaning of the
word?         Didn't realize you were that old, Lew.

Gee, I hope to live to be archaic too!     ;-)

As Always, John  W0UN


1.  Extraordinary is some BAD way; glaring; flagrant.

2.  ARCHAIC. distinguished or eminent.

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