[CQ-Contest] No Dit-Dit (was Sending Speed)

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Mon Sep 18 02:03:43 EDT 2006

On 17 Sep 2006, Hal, W1NN, wrote:

 > Rather than seeing this practice as rude, I take it as a compliment when an
 > experienced Sprinter does not send "dit-dit" after I send my information. He
 > is saying, in effect, "I think you are a good enough operator to understand
 > that I have copied your exchange and don't need to acknowledge.  If I hadn't
 > copied your exchange, I would have asked for a fill."
 > The absence of a response is the acknowledgement..

No, No, No...I respectfully disagree completely.  To "assume" anything in 
the heat of battle (and Monster QRM) is a gigantic...even  Titanic class 


Rick, K6VVA (Pse don't tell my Hand Therapist I am even typing briefly)

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