[CQ-Contest] No Dit-Dit (was Sending Speed)

Doug Smith W9WI w9wi at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 18 10:12:50 EDT 2006

On Mon, 2006-09-18 at 00:04, Dale Martin wrote:
> Oh, Hal.  Here's where you and I disagree.  I need that acknowledgement of
> his having received my exchange.  The ack is as much a part of the QSO as
> the exchange.  The absence of an ack does not a QSO make. 

The Sprint rules have incorporated both callsigns into the exchange -
you have to send the other guy's call even though you supposedly already
know it - and compliance is nearly 100%.

Maybe the Sprint rules should be modified to make acknowledgement a
mandatory part of the exchange?
Doug Smith W9WI
Pleasant View (Nashville), TN  EM66

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