[CQ-Contest] IRC

Derrick Belbas ve4vv at shaw.ca
Mon Sep 18 13:06:01 EDT 2006

Hi.  I've had much grief over these latest IRC's..  They've changed the
wording such that the coupons should be good for sending a "letter" OR an
"item" to a foreign country.  Okay..  I have a car that I want shipped to
California.  This is an "item", is it not?  My niece and her boyfriend are
an "item".  Maybe I'd like to send them to KH6.  Heck, I'm an item, and I'd
like to go to Space Station Alpha!

After grieving about this (blame me), UPU will apparently reword the terms
on the back of the coupon.

Slow radio day, apparently, here.



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>> I received this from the UPU today, it may be of interest to some people.
> 73  Steve.  ZC4Li    etc.

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