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Yes  Yuri, John is "good enough", like you said.
I think, he needs sort  of a public recognition for his Excellent Job.
Let's see what John  actually thinks about this.
...Unless the current Director is a  "lifetime one", I honestly do not know 
the mechanism of Elections over there,  if that is ever exists.
73's Andrei  EW1AR-NP3D

Thanks Andrei and Yuri for your kind words. However, this  job and real life 
provide enough entertainment for me. :-)
BTW, I've had a pile-up of e-mails in response to my call for WW plaque  
sponsorships. I'm sorting through it all right now, but your generosity has been  
impressive indeed. Thanks to all that replied. If any categories remain, I'll  
send an update to you.
73 John, K1AR

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