[CQ-Contest] CQ-Contest Digest, Vol 45, Issue 35

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Thu Sep 21 10:46:20 EDT 2006

>>The answer I get from 
CQ is what do you want to sponcer?
But The question posed is WHAT is there to sponcered?
I know this is about SS but My local club applies to it ALL contests.
Just where do we draw the line..?

John ko1h
CQ is open to donors as to what they want to SPONSOR. They establish price of the plaques that they provide (nice and uniform) and you can select what category you would like to reward, close to your heart.
Look at the list of current plaques and categories and decide what you would like to support and promote. Contact 
CQ (K1AR) and tell them your choice. You would send the money to them and they will take care of making the plaque and mailing it. This way they ensure that they are done and mailed, as demonstrated by the recent postings.
ARRL might have selected categories they would like to have plaques for, they list them, and as posted, ICOM would provide and pay for those that are vacant.
So there are different ways different sponsors handle the plaques and trophies. You need to look at the particular contest, it's rules and categories and contact sponsor with your wish.
You can for example even sponsor trophy for the most handicapped person on the reflector, or for one that needs category for himself, or even get one engraved for yourself for your latest achievement in the contest and category of your choice.

Yuri Blanarovich, K3BU

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