[CQ-Contest] question to CQWW contest log checkers

Thu Sep 21 14:41:20 EDT 2006

Mike let me give you an un-hypothetical, real world, example and why there 
might be a small fly in your ointment. Twice in my life, once in CA and once 
here in AZ, I entered what I think is about the toughest category. 160 meter 
CW contest QRP. (Once in ARRL and once in CQ) I don't think I had 100 Q's 
but I was actually TX'ing & RX'ing the entire time. I spent more than 2 
hours just for one contact/mult, ZF1A, normally a 'slam-dunk' from here at 
100W level. Listening only is not contesting/operating. The guy in your 
first scenario made no attempt to transmit contest CQ's, by your own 
admission, and therefore was not operating but only listening  and 
apparently on only one freq. Had he even made an attempt to send a few CQ's 
or tune around then he could be considered contesting but sitting around 
waiting for the contest to come to you is not contesting/operating it's just 


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  If you receive a log by a major player participating in a popular
  division, I would assume the log could be completely checked by software,
  as no caveats need be addressed.

  Lets look at this scenario: someone decides to do a CQWW SSB SOSB 10m LP,
  sets his TS 830 receiver to the most popular SSB contest frequency,
  leaves it on, speaker blaring, for 12 hours in his shack, as he prepares
  his income tax and finishes writing a book on dalha hybridizing, all the
  while hoping for a ten opening...................and there is one!! He
  works 16 JA stations in 13 minutes as the band closes.

  Now he turns his log in.   He was on the air all 12 hours (if he wasn't
  he would have missed the opening), and he was LP.

  Now someone in an third floor walkup apartment in Sandpoint, Idaho runs a
  135 foot wire to a tree, and operates his TS830 in the CQWW CW SOSB 160m
  LP. He is on for the required 12 hours, all the while managing to work
  for points 3 USA stations, 13 VE stations, one guy in Alaska, and one in

  Now he turns his log.    He also was on the air all 12 hours (he really
  sweated the Mexico contact), and he was LP.

  These two logs would require human intervention by the contest log
  checking personal.   Without it, there would be no way to ascertain award
  status, as per CQWW rules.

  Any comments?

  Mike W7DRA
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