[CQ-Contest] WR Christmas Column

Mark Steven Williams k9gx at n4gn.com
Fri Sep 22 05:01:45 EDT 2006

Dear OM and YL contesters!

I know it's a bit early to start thinking about the Holidays, but I have no choice. The editor's deadline for my December WorldRadio column is 1 October.

The topic for the December column will be "The Contester's Christmas List". I'd love to hear from all of you with you holiday "wish list". It can be equipment, operating or anything related to being into radiosport, serious (well, not too serious) lighthearted or anything between.

Some thought starters:

New Rig, new amplifier, new station accessory

No Band cops in 2007, less QRM, more sunspots, no BPL

Better rate, lower UBN, better scores.

So mentally fast forward a couple of months and think about what you'd like to see under the Christmas tree (or however you celebrate the season) come December. The WR Contest Corner is about YOU. So let me hear from you. Remember, when the December issue hits your mailbox a week or so before Christmas you can tell your significant other "hey, my name is mentioned here in WR" and then hand them the magazine...or just leave it on the coffee table. Just think of me as Santa's little helper.

Mark S. Williams, K9GX
Editor World Radio "Contest Corner"
WRContest at N4GN.com

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