[CQ-Contest] Defining CQ's Operating Time

ve4xt at mts.net ve4xt at mts.net
Fri Sep 22 10:24:33 EDT 2006

Many contests specify "listening time counts as operating time."

Certainly, any transmitting done in an attempt to score contacts also 
counts as operating time.

The main reason that listening rule exists is for contests where operators 
are allowed only a percentage of the total time (24 hours in SS, for 
example) and it is intended to incorporate the skill of time management 
into the overall effort, as an operator can't leave the receiver on and cherry 
pick the best times and still abide by the rules. The net effect is to attempt 
to assure those operators who need a break that others will also turn off 
the radio and go to sleep...

Once, at WB0O, that rule came back to bite me and may have cost me a 
spot in the HP Top Ten in SS Phone. I had a few bad hours early Sunday 
that would have been better to have blown off so that I could continue a 
really good run Sunday evening. I finished just shy of 2000 Qs. At the rate I 
was running when the 24 started flashing on the logging screen, I 
probably could have upped that to 2200. But rules are rules and in the 
spirit of sportsmanship, I do not intend to complain. I screwed up and I 
paid the price. As it should be.

73, kelly

> From: mike l dormann <w7dra at juno.com>
> Date: 2006/09/22 Fri AM 01:37:38 CDT
> To: w2ev at yahoo.com
> CC: cq-contest at contesting.com
> Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Defining CQ's Operating Time
>  I would like to comment "waiting for the band to open" is now done
> automatically by computer sending "CQ TEST" hour after hour to an 
> band........"just in case"
> so is that "operating time?"
> mike w7dra who not too long ago made over 700 Qs with his trusty J38 
> sending lots of CQ TEST
> On Thu, 21 Sep 2006 19:09:55 -0700 (PDT) Ev Tupis 
<w2ev at yahoo.com>
> writes:
> > Since this is a CQ-sponsored list, I would like to ask
> > a CQWW question.  Based on the document found at this
> > URL: http://www.cqww.com/WW%20Rules%202006.pdf
> > 
> > In Section VIII, there is a reference to requiring
> > single operator stations to operate for 12 hours.
> > 
> > Based on a recent posting to this list where a station
> > can park on 10-meters and "wait for the band to open",
> > I wonder...
> > 
> > How is the term "operate" defined and "operating time"
> > calculated for the purposes of meeting this rule?
> > 
> > Ev Tupis, W2EV
> > 
> > 
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