[CQ-Contest] Defining CQ's Operating Time

mike l dormann w7dra at juno.com
Fri Sep 22 12:31:18 EDT 2006

 K1TTT writes:    where time between qso's is greater than the off time
if you don't log a contact for 30 minutes or so the automatic checkers
count it as time off when you were hard at work trying to make a contact.

wait a minute, AUTOMATIC LOG CHECKERS..............30 MINUTES WITH NO

Maybe that is why i keep getting USA QSOs in the CQWW on 160. I'll have
20 USA contacts,  and me scratching my head why USA guys are still
calling me in the wee hours.............

This whole string was started by me to comment on the necessity of human
intervention in log checking.

Software is not the whole answer.

mike w7dra

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