[CQ-Contest] Pre tuned Hf amps

Jukka Klemola jukka.klemola at elisanet.fi
Tue Sep 26 17:13:55 EDT 2006

>>We using pretuned HF amps with 10 mehanical memories
>>on 80/20/15/10 per band 2 memories for CW/SSB
>>and on 160/40 per band 1 memory!
>>once you tune the amps they will go back allways on same place!
>>tuning time is between 1-5 sec.

The time is longer than 5 seconds for the amps described.
I have been using one such amp for a year.

To add, the band change is a loud operation.
It is kind of distracting, but not too much.

>5 seconds seems like an awful long time to wait for an amp to tune when
I >can
>beat that doing it manually, and do it without transmitting through the
>Flip bandswitch, turn knobs to the presets I have written on a file

I have an AL1200 as the other amp.
It is kind of faster but it distracts me off the radio B when changing
Total time elapsed comparison is not so clear.

>Call me old fashioned. 

If your radios are all Drake C line, then this is something we might



Jukka OH6LI

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