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Jack Brindle jackbrindle at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 26 21:33:56 EDT 2006

Outlook didn't like it, complaining that the file was "corrupt or  
damaged." It might be a line-ending problem. When I have time I'll  
investigate further...

On Sep 25, 2006, at 11:20 PM, Anthony Rodgers wrote:

> Greetings,
> Just in time for the Fall contesting season, I have brought this
> calendar up to date. It now contains contesting dates through April
> 2007.
> If you use iCal, you can subscribe to the calendar at:
> webcal://ical.mac.com/arodgers/Contests.ics
> You can view the calendar as a web page at:
> http://ical.mac.com/arodgers/Contests
> If you use MS Outlook, you might be able to import the calendar by
> clicking the 'Download' link on the above web page and trying to
> import it into MS Outlook, but I'm not sure it will work (and,
> eschewing Windows myself, I have no way of trying it - maybe someone
> could and let me know?).
> If anyone using it notices any errors or omissions, please let me  
> know.
> --
> 73 de Anthony VA7IRL
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> gets the meaning of events right. It is compelling not only today,
> but stands the test of time. It is validated not only by 'reliable
> sources', but by the unfolding of history. It is journalism that ten,
> twenty, fifty years after the fact still holds up a true and
> intelligent mirror to events." - T.D. Allman.
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