[CQ-Contest] Pre tuned Hf amps

Scott Robbins w4pa at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 27 09:47:12 EDT 2006

--- Braco OE1EMS <oe1ems at emssolutions.at> wrote:

> hi scott
> yes 5 sec is maybe to long but when i change band i have to just push only 
> one buttun to tune up
> and you still need to look to amp and move band switch, tune and load!
> if i move from 15 to 10, amp will be stayed tune on 15m till i push the 
> button.
> motors are rotating always in same direction and when i tuning  for example 
> from 15 to 20
> this gonna take 5 sec but from 15 to 10 it´s take only 1 sec!
> PTT is loocked when motors are running so i cann start transmiting trough 
> amp with TRX  till motors are running
> and as soon they stop PTT will be unloocked and amp will serve the power.
> next step is to remove amps from the schack!
> also everything else like BPF, band switch, tuner etc. is also controlled 
> with radio/band decoder!
> 73
> ems

This is just a difference in philosophy over station design.  I'd never design
a contest station for myself as you've described above.  Too much stuff for me
to worry about, to cable up, to quit, to maintain, build - nyet.  

I've got two rigs, two amps, a WX0B Six Pak, a couple of antenna switches and a
homebrew headphone switch box with a single knob on it.  

Scott W4PA

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