[CQ-Contest] cqww rtty (and tqp) spotting report

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Fri Sep 29 19:59:53 EDT 2006

CQWW RTTY was a bad weekend for spot analysis.  I lost the last couple hours
to a power and phone outage, and also lost a large number of dxsummit spots
when my download program lost it's connection and didn't complain.  But
there are still lots of goodies and badies as you will see below.

I did manage to collect 18318 spots in my node database for about 45 hours
of the contest.

Most spotted:
DX		Count
HC8N		301
K5NA/M	165
SY8GE		162
FP/G3SXW	130
EA8AH		128
KH7X		125
YT6A		108
FP/G3TXF	101
A25/DF3GY	80
UU7J		76
P40KM		72
K1TTT		71
WP3C		69
NB1B		67
LU7HN		67
Z37M		64
LT0H		62
UA4CC/P	60
GB2BF		60

Busiest Spotters:
Spotter	count
W2QO		536
K1TTT-7	399
RU3BU		226
DK8EY		185
NR4M		184
WY3X		162
W6YX		160
NB1B		158
OK6DJ		155
TM6A		124
AK6DV		122
W1AJT/VE3	119
EA7TN		117
K4CZ		117
IK0LSV	116
AD5VJ-1	112
N6CY		110
OK2CLW	109
NM5H		106
K1KO		106
KI5DR		105
IK7AFM	105
VE6LB-4	103


Cheerleader report:

How this works...  the number in the 'spots' column is how many spots the
spotter made for that dx station.  the total column is how many spots the
spotter made that weekend.  and the pct is what percentage of spots the
spotter made were for only that one station.  so ki5dr made 105 spots over
the weekend, and 104 of them were for k5na/m.

spotter	dx		Spots	total	Pct
KI5DR		K5NA/M	104	105	99.05  mobile in tqp
N1LN		N5AOK/M	24	93	25.81  mobile in tqp
IV3YIM	IV3OWC	21	23	91.30   
UA9JMB	RK9JWR	21	21	100.00  
Z32MC		Z37M		19	19	100.00  
N1LN		K5N/M		17	93	18.28  mobile in tqp
OK1ES		JT800OK	16	16	100.00
K1TTT-7	NB1B		15	399	3.76
IW7EFJ	II7CC		14	14	100.00  special event
K1TTT-7	HC8N		14	399	3.51
OK1XC		JT800OK	14	15	93.33
M1APT		G1KAR		12	12	100.00  special event
LZ2NP		LZ8A		12	16	75.00
HC4MZ		HC4MZ		12	12	100.00  non-contest, just
UA0SJ		RN0SS		12	12	100.00
W2QO		HC8N		11	536	2.05
KX5G		KB5NJD	10	15	66.67   tqp
HA7UG		UA4CC/P	10	47	21.28   special rda?

WOW! 104 spots in TQP by ki5dr for k5na/m!  that has to be a record of some
kind!  Oh, and in case you were wondering, the 1 spot not for k5na was a
typo where he spotted '142' on a frequency of 71000... then of course
corrected it to be 14271 and the right call.

The top rtty contest cheerleaders are a tie by IV3YIM spotting IV3OWC and
UA9JMB spotting RK9JWR... must be the neighborhood spotting nets at work...
also note Z23MC spotting Z37M, IW8EFJ spotting II7CC, LZ2NP spotting LZ8A,
and UA0SJ spotting RN0SS.  must have been the bad conditions sunday making
those the only stations the spotters could hear.

yep, we made 15 spots of nb1b from here... 5 of them were on 10m, where they
just sounded so lonely sitting there cqing.  They were m/m and we were m/2
so we had lots of time to dial around dead bands and make spots, and often
they were the only station we would hear.


Single spotter spots:

Ok, a reminder of how this works.  This is an analysis of spots from both
the entire network (the 'all' column) and just spots from dxsummit(via the
#cqdx irc channel).  What it shows is... first, how many spots the dx
station got in the 'total' column.  Then the 'all' column shows how many of
those spots were from spotters that made only a single spot the whole
weekend.  and the DXSummit column shows how many of the spots were from
spotters who made that single spot from dxsummit.  i break out dxsummit
separately because it is so easy to put in a fake callsign there to make a
spot 'anonymously'(not really as you will see later).  High percentages can
be due to a couple things.  First, very rare stations get lots of spots from
dxers who work them and then brag to the world of their achievement... then
they turn off the radio and wait for the next rare one to show up.  The
other common source are spotters trying to hide their identity because they
are complaining about something.  And of course the ones we are interested
in are the spotters who try to hide their identity in order to 'help' a
friend or themselves.  

DX		Total	All 	DXSummit
SY8GE		162	33(20%)	8(4%)	non-contest
FP/G3SXW	130	26(20%)	7(5%)	non-contest
ZX7A		46	20(43%)	20(43%)	
M2B		21	20(95%)	20(95%)
A25/DF3GY	80	19(23%)	3(3%)	non-contest
FP/G3TXF	101	19(18%)	2(1%)	non-contest
HC8N		301	16(5%)	6(1%)	
FO/KM9D	42	12(28%)	4(9%)	non-contest
CN2BC		46	10(21%)	2(4%)	non-contest
YI9KT		39	10(25%)	4(10%)	non-contest
TU2/F5LDY	43	9(20%)	3(6%)	non-contest

as you can see, most of the high scores on this analysis are expeditions...
notice that they tend to run about 20% single spotters over all and single
digits from dxsummit.  Even note that hc8n scores relatively low, percentage
wise, on both sources, they only showed up because they got LOTS of spots
from the contest.  Of course then there are zx7a and m2b... more later.

Single spotter spots for ZX7A
(note that k1ttt-14 is the 'node' name of my sucker from #cqdx which gets
the dxsummit spots)

Spotter	FromNode	Freq	Comment
SP3DKV	K1TTT-14	21075.1	 
DL2YPQ	K1TTT-14	14074	 
ON6PO		K1TTT-14	14066		RTTY
RU3VA		K1TTT-14	14113.4	CQWW
CT3KMG	K1TTT-14	28084.4	cqww
VE7KM		K1TTT-14	7063.5	CQWW
F4RDB		K1TTT-14	14073.8	TEST
EA3DFR	K1TTT-14	28079.5	 
RK3BGD	K1TTT-14	14113.4	TEST
VE5RDZ	K1TTT-14	7063.5	RTTY
RV3PDF	K1TTT-14	14073.5	 
DK3FPO	K1TTT-14	14088.7	RTTY
SV1KDV	K1TTT-14	14073.5	RTTY
OK2RTP	K1TTT-14	7058.4	rtty
OK2STU	K1TTT-14	14088.4	 
PA3WPL	K1TTT-14	7058.4	rtty
SM7BDP	K1TTT-14	21075	 
EA4FCO	K1TTT-14	14070.5	 
IK7PDA	K1TTT-14	21072.1	 
PS7KC		K1TTT-14	14104		TEST

from dxsummit the ip address for all of these that i caught was:
which belongs to: ufrnet.br
owner:       Comite Gestor da Internet no Brasilownerid:
BR-CGIN-LACNICresponsible: Frederico A C Nevesaddress:     Av. das Nações
Unidas, 11541, 7° andaraddress:     04578-000 - São Paulo - SPcountry:
Single spotter spots for M2B

Spotter	FromNode	Freq	Comment
XE2G		K1TTT-14	7034.2	RTTY
AH6I		K1TTT-14	7033.3	RTTY
K6KJ		K1TTT-14	7033.3	RTTY
OK2FAK	K1TTT-14	7036.9	RTTY
YB5A		K1TTT-14	14085		RTTY
PT2F		K1TTT-14	14085		RTTY
YT7U		K1TTT-14	14085		RTTY
OM6RE		K1TTT-14	14089.5	RTTY
SM0ERF	K1TTT-14	7036.9	RTTY
F6UYT		K1TTT-14	7037		RTTY
9A2F		K1TTT-14	14089.5	RTTY TEST
N9YF		K1TTT-14	14089.5	RTTY TEST
KH7AH		K1TTT-14	14085		RTTY RTTY
DM5TO		K1TTT-14	7038.9	RTTY
YT1S		K1TTT-14	14085		RTTY
9A2ER		K1TTT-14	7038.9	RTTY
DK3YU		K1TTT-14	7038.9	RTTY
DL1WT		K1TTT-14	14085		RTTY
G7PAF		K1TTT-14	14085		RTTY
AB4RT		K1TTT-14	14085		RTTY

I didn't catch all of these in the dxsummit data, but the 7 of them i got
all came from ip:
which it is no surprise to anyone who has followed these analysis in the
past comes back to:
netname:      BT-CENTRAL-PLUS
country:      GB
BT is of course British Telecom.


Now on to other interesting observations

dxsummit spots for YB0ZZ

DJ9KM -@:	21082	RTTY TEST
DL5ZB -@:	14095	Cq RTTY
IT9ORA -@	21082	WW RTTY
IT9ORA-@:	21082	WW RTTY
OE1DWC -@	21094	cq ww rtty

YB0HD-@:	7028	CQ WW RTTY
YB0JIV-@:	7028	cq cq cq RTTY TEST
YB0JIV-@:	14095	Cq RTTY test

YC0ROS-@:	7050	cq ww rtty test
YB0AZ-@:	14118.8
YB0AZ-@:	14103
YC0MJY-@:	21104	rtty
YC0MJY-@:	21104	100 watts rtty
YB0AZ-@:	21104	rtty test
YB0HD-@:	7050	WW-RTTY
YB0AZ-@:	21090
YB0JIV-@:	21090	rtty

notice that i have 3 groups of spots broken out here.  The spots all come
from the 202.158.*.* block of ip addresses that belongs to (of course):
descr:        Bank Haga
descr:        Jl Abdul Muis 28
descr:        Jakarta 10160
country:      ID

So the spots by the YB calls in the 2nd and 3rd blocks make sense...
however, the spots in the first block are not likely to have originated from
the stations who's calls were used.


In the "Don't you just love it when they do dumb stuff" catagory this time

SWL-@:	28079		RX3AGD	RTTY
RX3AGD-@:	14086.9	YB0EIN	RTTY
RX3AGD-@:	14083.1	VQ9LA		RTTY EA2APH/P ALSO CQ'ing hr
SWL-@:	14126.7	RX3AGD	RTTY
SWL-@:	28081.5	RX3AGD	RTTY WW

The Ip group is of course from:
address:        "Mobile TeleSystems" OJSC
address:        4, Marksistskaya str., 109147 Moscow, Russia

what is of course fun about this is that rx3agd makes spots from the ip
address, then changes to SWL and spots himself.  

Hasn't this guy made my reports before???  Of course he did, with the same
type of stuff in last year's cqww rtty report, last year's arrl dx ssb
report, and a few others i think.

DXSummit spots for KP4VP

AE3HF-@:	14084
AE4T-@:	14091		RTTY
AE4T-@:	7034		RTTY
AE4T-@:	7039.5	RTTY

The ip is of course from:
Puerto Rico Telephone Company PRTC-NET (NET-66-50-0-0-1) 

David Robbins K1TTT
e-mail: mailto:k1ttt at arrl.net
web: http://www.k1ttt.net
AR-Cluster node: 145.69MHz or telnet://dxc.k1ttt.net

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