[CQ-Contest] Poisson D' Avril

Doug Grant k1dg at ix.netcom.com
Mon Apr 2 22:14:22 EDT 2007

> At 06:04 01/04/2007, Zack Widup wrote:
>>Dintcha know that QSO's in this contest are irrelevant?  I'm 3 minutes
>>into it and I already have 3,477,205,196 QSO's - and I'm losing!

But a good effort from Le Trou Noir! (Hey wait...isn't the guy with the 2x3 
SteppIR array K9 Le Trou Noir ?)

Also, K1ZW and K4ZW both want to buy your name.
G0RTN said:

> None of you have a chance of beating IT9RYH in this one.

I would say the odds against him winning are about 14,195 to 1.
K0RC wrote:

> Yaw-butt... MY log was rejected and I never sent anything in!

We at Pd'A HQ use a good spam filter, based on new W3NQN relativistic 
predictive filter technology. The RF version rejects signals before they are 

> This "K1DG" guy seems to have all the bases covered.

But of course. Too bad the local baseball team doesn't. Geez...losing the 
opener 7-1 to a team from Kansas Sity?
VO1HE said:

> I've got my log submitted already and I never even entered.

There's a remote possibility your log will get lost. Did you send it to my 
real QTH or my unreal QTH which doesn't count?
W7WHY said:

>> Good conditions.  I have 450 Q' s and the contest doesn't
>> even start for another 45 minutes.  Look out Doug!!!

What? When? Where? Who? Why, WHY?
K0XP said:

> I sent one in and it vanished. I sent another and it, too, vanished.

Next time send cash. Lots of it.

> P.S. Can't imagine what K1DG would want with an old TS680S unless he's
> outta boatanchors...

I donated it to Casco Bay Lines to use on the ferry boat.

73 and thanks to all who entered this year's event. See you all at Dayton, 
where the final results will be announced (after seeing who is the most 
generous in the hospitality suites...the Committee gets soooo thirsty 
checking all these logs...

Doug K1DG

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