[CQ-Contest] Natural born contesters

Russell Hill rustyhill at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 4 09:30:54 EDT 2007

Now I guess we need separate categories for 'protein owls' and 'protein 

Documentation as to which category a contester should compete in could be 
interesting.  :>)

Rusty, na5tr

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> While the sunspots are still low and even the activity on this reflector
> seems down, I thought share some info, which I found interesting and
> somewhat related to contesting.
> As I was reading a magazine (along with NCJ, QST and CQ sometimes I have
> time for the Economist) I found an interesting article about sleep
> deprivation. The subtitle was - "How well you can think at night may be
> determined by your genes". If that's true, can there be a contesting gene,
> or at least a gene that determines if you can be effective during the 
> second
> night of the 48-hour contest?
> Here's a part of the article that I thought was most to the point:
> "One of the genes involved in regulating [person's circadian] clock is 
> known
> as PER3 and comes in two forms... The two forms of PER3 translate into two
> slightly different proteins, one of which is longer than the other... 
> People
> with two short versions of the gene (one from each parent) are more likely
> to be "owls", preferring to get up late and go to bed late. "Larks"-in 
> other
> words, early risers, have two long versions.
> Pursuing this line of enquiry, Dr Dijk and his team [at the University of
> Surrey] have been studying how such people respond to sleep deprivation. 
> Two
> dozen volunteers, some genetic owls and some genetic larks, were forced to
> stay awake for two days (note the 48-hour contest connection - K7GK).
> The genetic larks reacted to this worse than the owls did. In particular,
> larks given memory tests and puzzles to solve between the hours of four 
> and
> eight in the morning turned in far worse performances than did owls."
> Could this be true? It would be very interesting to know if the majority 
> of
> the contesters, especially those turning in 48-hour logs, are mostly owls.
> I also wonder if the next big controversy after SO2R and remote contesting
> will be a genetically engineered contester? Just a thought. :)
> 73, Denis - K7GK
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