[CQ-Contest] station tables

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Thu Apr 5 18:14:05 EDT 2007

Thanks for all the replies so far... too many to reply to everyone
individually.  Some common comments:

I need 5 or 6 'small' desks and shelves.  These need to be 48-52" wide and
support an mp, hf-2500 amp, computer, rotor and switchboxes.  And one for
SO2R that should probably be 72" wide and hold 2-mp's, 2-hf-2500 amps,
computer, 2-419a bandpass filters, a 6 pack switch, band decoders, rotor and
antenna switch boxes, etc, etc, etc...

1. Ikea and most of the Staples, Office Depot, etc computer stands and home
office stuff is just too light and small.  They do have some better stuff,
if you have specific models that may fit(and that are still available)
please let me know.
2. I HAVE cheap, 2x4's and particle board going on 20 years old.  
3. Steelcase and many other surplus desks may be strong but often have solid
backs that would make access to power and cables a problem... they are also
heavy and hard to move.
4. I have enough other building to do, I really don't want to get into
building shelves and counter tops, etc.
5. I am thinking mostly of heavy duty lab or computer center workbenches.

A couple specific questions...

Does anyone use keyboard/mouse trays?  While I like them for general
computer use somehow they don't seem to fit in the radio setup.  Unless the
desk is very shallow, or the radio is pulled near the front it would seem
that there would be too much distance between the keyboard and radio.

Has anyone used tables from this guy:  http://www.hamdesk.com?  

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