[CQ-Contest] Moroccan Mystery

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Thu Apr 5 20:23:18 EDT 2007

If you're referring to the WPX Phone contest, CN3A does not appear on the 
latest summary.


[CQ-Contest] Moroccan Mystery
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Perhaps somebody can explain to me how this can be:

CN3A             10221  1659    36 40,653,889     Ops: IK2QEI,IK2SGC,SV8CS

5D5A(@CN3A)       6197  1385    48 32,907,600     Ops: IK2QEI,IK2SGC

How do three operators make 16000 QSOs with as two multi-single entries
using separate callsigns from one station?

The 5D5A entry appears in line with the other top M/S scores, but CN3A
is over the top, and claiming only 36 hours operating time?

It will be interesting to see how this one turns out when the
logchecking is done...



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