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Does  anyone use keyboard/mouse trays?  While I like them for  general
computer use somehow they don't seem to fit in the radio  setup.  Unless the
desk is very shallow, or the radio is pulled near  the front it would seem
that there would be too much distance between the  keyboard and radio.

I use a keyboard tray, mounted on the underside of an office desk. I had to  
move the original paper/pencil drawer out of the way to mount it.
I have enough extra cable length going to the transceiver so I can slide  the 
radio to the front edge of the desk. Then it is just above the keyboard. A  
Bencher paddle is just to the right of the radio, near the edge of the  desk.
I have an office chair with no arms. The keyboard is just above my lap, so  I 
can drop my elbows and shoulders in a very relaxed manner. I can lean back to 
 almost a 45 degree angle, so I can nearly lay down while operating. It makes 
for  a very comfortable operating position.
I can still push the radios back, place the keyboard on the desktop,  and 
operate in a more conventional position.
I have two paddles available: the Bencher above, with a separate external  
keyer, and a tiny magnetic mount K9LU Bulldog paddle, which rests on a large  
flat washer glued to the upper right corner of the keyboard. It keys the NA  
internal keyer.
Having two different body positions available is a good idea. It spreads  out 
the stress on the body.
73  -  Jim  K8MR

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