[CQ-Contest] Contest Dinner at DX Convention in Visalia (update 9 Apr 2007)

Jeff Stai jds at twistedoak.com
Mon Apr 9 22:28:21 EDT 2007

hi - This weekend we passed the number of reservations that were made last year - thanks!

HOWEVER: Last year I kept a list of the "walkups" - the people who showed up without a reservation 
hoping to get a seat. And most of the people on that list have NOT reserved this year!

SO: PLEASE check this list here: http://www.mldxcc.com/dinner.pdf

Are all of your friends on the list? Are there any DX you know that should be on the list? Are YOU 
on the list?

If not, go here now and get on the list! http://www.mldxcc.com/contestdinner2007.html

You MUST make a reservation in advance to be sure of getting a seat. If you show up the day of the 
event with no reservation you MIGHT get a seat - please note that I had to turn away people last year.

Our speaker this year will be Tim Duffy K3LR, and he will be telling us all about his "K3LR

Please forward this message to any potential attendees, club mailing lists, etc.

thanks & 73 - jeff wk6i

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