[CQ-Contest] NS Ladder Wk5

Bill Haddon - n6zfo hounds1234 at comcast.net
Thu Apr 12 00:07:24 EDT 2007

NS Ladder coninues its crawl through the  spring/summer with continually increased activity.  The competition is heating up. . the East of Ms. River is notable:  N4OGW, W9RE and N9CK appear to be in a tight race.

Friday, 0230-0300Z 20,40,80,160.  See www.ncccsprint.com

For a highly entertaining account of  NS Ladder, visit  participant KA3DRR's blog at:



"An HF battle for number 2 and 3 position is heating up the capacitors in the NCCC CA/NV division. W0YK is a little more than a quarter wavelength behind K6VVA. We will find out if YK's photon powered sprint shoes were enough to overtake VVA for second position. "

So, find your own photon powered sprint shoes and join us for the Summer madness event that is pure fun and highly spirited competition.

73 Bill n6zfo/6

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