[CQ-Contest] NS Ladder Wk6

Bill Haddon - n6zfo hounds1234 at comcast.net
Wed Apr 18 11:37:13 EDT 2007

Congratulations Mike, W9RE for a record NS Ladder Score last week, the notable number 1984.

Final rankings will count 12 weeks of participation, so now's the time to join the fun this Thursday night ((0230-0300Z Friday, 20-160m).  This is NS Ladder Wk 6.

See:  www.ncccsprint.com for details.

Look for our NS'r W8UE as N8A in the MiQP this coming weekend.

Finally, welcome to N4LF, K8GU, N5DX and KG5U who joined us for the first time last week.

Please remember to submit scores, small or large,  to www.hornucopia.com/3830score/  (directly to n6zfo also acceptable).   See you all Thursday evening 

73 Bill n6zfo/6

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From: hounds1234 at comcast.net (Bill Haddon - n6zfo)
> NS Ladder coninues its crawl through the  spring/summer with continually 
> increased activity.  The competition is heating up. . the East of Ms. River is 
> notable:  N4OGW, W9RE and N9CK appear to be in a tight race.
> Friday, 0230-0300Z 20,40,80,160.  See www.ncccsprint.com
> For a highly entertaining account of  NS Ladder, visit  participant KA3DRR's 
> blog at:
> http://ka3drr.blogspot.com/
> Example:
> "An HF battle for number 2 and 3 position is heating up the capacitors in the 
> NCCC CA/NV division. W0YK is a little more than a quarter wavelength behind 
> K6VVA. We will find out if YK's photon powered sprint shoes were enough to 
> overtake VVA for second position. "
> So, find your own photon powered sprint shoes and join us for the Summer madness 
> event that is pure fun and highly spirited competition.
> 73 Bill n6zfo/6
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