[CQ-Contest] QRP TTF - April 28/29

Hank Greeb n8xx at arrl.org
Wed Apr 18 12:12:12 EDT 2007

If folks want a different kind of contest, try QRP To the Field 
(QRPTTF), 2007 style.

It's held Saturday April 28, 2007 (US Time), or 1500Z Apr. 28 to 0300Z 
Apr. 29, on 40-20-15-10 meters, in the vicinity of the QRP calling 
frequencies. please be courteous to others.  Since it's a QRP contest, 
it's CW only, 5W or less (for certificates, etc. 

As usual, this event is geared toward having fun while operating in the 
field, away from commercial power. 

This year's theme is: The Taco Bell Run to the Border!

The idea here is to operate from as many state/province borders as  
possible, or from a Taco Bell restaurant location. Taco Bell stations 
will be worth extra points. Field stations get a multiplier of 3, border 
stations (at the border of two or more states) get a multiplier of 4, 
and stations set up within sight of a Taco Bell Restaurant get a 
multiplier of 5. Home stations may participate, with a multiplier of 1.

Get as close to a border as you can, you do not need to risk life and 
limb if a border runs through a lake or across a mountain top.

Details at http://www.zianet.com/QRP/2007/qttfruls.html

Note, I'll be operating WQ8RP/TB from Michigan - hope to see you during 
the contest.

72 de n8xx Hg (WQ8RP/TB during QRPTTF 2007)

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