[CQ-Contest] Ontario Rocks this weekend!

Bob Nash VE3KZ rtsnash at look.ca
Thu Apr 19 10:05:32 EDT 2007

Hello Again

Contest Club Ontario is ready to roll this weekend. Work as many VE3/VA3's as possible in the 50 Counties, Cities and Districts that subdivide this vast expanse of real estate. This is the first year that CCO has undertaken the sponsorship of this contest. We have been marshalling our approximately 300 members to provide as much activity as possible including a number of rover stations.

Certificates will be available to the top scores in each Province/Territory outside Ontario, each state in the U.S.A. and each DX Country in addition to a large number of awards for those inside Ontario. We will have three bonus stations on, VA3CCO, VA3RAC and VE3ODX, all providing 10 point QSO's. Take a look at the revised rules on the web at http://cco.ve3xd.com/oqp/index.htm , noting particularly the addition of two more multipliers and the change in the time schedule. 

It's CW and phone from 160m to 2m, 2 points for CW and 1 point for phone, multipliers per band. On 80m SSB, it should be easier to nab us now that we can't hide below 3775! On 40m we will try to spend as much time as possible working above 7125 or listening split. Check the Suggested Frequencies on the web. Check 160 at 0400z and just before 0500z. At the bottom of the cycle 40m is very long for inter-Ontario QSO's and we really need those QSO's with W's, DX and other Canadians! 20m should also be good for Ontario to "others". The other bands may tend to be "QSY Specials".

We'll be looking for lots of reciprocal QSO's from all those other QSO Parties in which CCO has been participating. The California, Florida and Pennsylvania QSO Parties come to mind as well as the Georgia QSO Party last weekend. We'll also be trading QSO's with the Michigan event on Saturday. We'll be looking for those also working the YUDX CW as well. How flexible is your logging system? VE3CRU is sponsoring a plaque for the high scoring U.S.A. entry. A similar plaque will be awarded to the high scoring Canadian outside Ontario.

Good luck and See you this weekend!

73 Bob VE3KZ for CCO. 

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