[CQ-Contest] Multiple QSO Party logging

Dick Frey - K4XU k4xu at arrl.net
Thu Apr 26 12:41:33 EDT 2007

This coming weekend is the FQP, one of the QSO Party "biggies", and the 
Nebraska party. The following weekend is another "biggie" -- the 
Indiana, New England and 7th Area QSO parties.

If you are not inside one of these areas and want to play in all of 
them, what logging program do you use?  It's easier than you think. As 
long as the parties have similar exchanges - signal report and county 
code - all you need is a multiplier file that knows all the possible 
codes. I was able to make TR-log play NEQP, IN and 7QP simultaneously 
simply by concatenating their respective multiplier ".dom" files. 
Different logging programs have different names for their multiplier 
files but it's a common thread for most of the commonly used programs.

How to score and what to submit? As long as your logging program puts 
out a Cabrillo file, don't worry about it. That's good enough for the 
sponsors - they check for extraneous contacts and score the log again 

Don't let the logging issue keep you from playing in more than one QP at 
a time. A longer discussion of contest logging is on the www.7qp.org web 
site under the "more" tab.



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