[CQ-Contest] [dx-list] CQ Zone question

Gerard Lynch gerrylynch at freenetname.co.uk
Wed Aug 8 20:27:14 EDT 2007

At 12:29 08/08/2007, Jim Neiger wrote:
>A more interesting question, perhaps, is What is the most difficult Zone to
>work in the CQ WW?  Without those loveable ZD8's, I'd venture to say Zone 36
>is the hardest these days.

Depends where you are in the world.  Look on the WAZ site for the 
last zones people are waiting for for 6BWAZ - for the States 26 and 
23 seem to be the most common, from Europe it's usually 31 and 
sometimes 1.  From South America it would probably be 29 (crappy 
propagation, low population), but conversely from Australia 12 would 
probably be the toughest for the same reasons.  Wouldn't 39 be pretty 
tough from the US West Coast for similar reasons?

24 and 22 have the biggest total population by some way, but 
obviously they don't come close to 5, 14 or 25 in terms of *amateur* 
population, which is, as Jim implies, more relevant.


Gerry GI0RTN
"In days of old, when ops were bold and sidebands not invented
The word would pass by pounding brass, and all were well contented." 

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