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Paul J. Piercey p.piercey at nl.rogers.com
Thu Aug 9 07:20:49 EDT 2007

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> > VY0PW, VY0AA and VY0DXA are located in Saskatchewan.
> >
> > Doug/VA5DX
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> OK Doug - I'll bite - how did you get the VY0DXA callsign at 
> your SK address ?  How does Industry Canada handle this ?  Is 
> it the same as the FCC not caring where we live in the US or 
> even its territories ?  If a VY0 shows up on the cluster in 
> the next ARRL Sweepstakes and sets off all the alarms, could 
> he be in Saskatchewan ?
> TIA    Stu        KC1F

Actually, he could be anywhere in Canada... just like in the US... although
it is harder to get calls from outside your own province unless you provide
a mailing address from the area you are trying to get... which is not hard
to do. Although, IC says they are cracking down on this practice. Remains to
be seen.

>From my experience though, we tend to use the portable designator a lot more
than US stations. Many times I'll work a W6 in SS only to get a '123 B 59
MDC' or a W1 who gives me WWA as the section. Frankly, I feel it's downright
deceptive. In SS, or any contest for that matter, if your callsign could
indicate your multiplier status and you are not the call area that your
callsign indicates, you should use a portable designator.

Not so long ago, you knew where a station was by the call. Now, it's a crap
shoot. Personally, I think that if call areas are in place, they should be
followed and all stations should give an indication of where they are.
Otherwise, eliminate the call areas.

I realize that people move and they want to keep their calls for sentimental
reasons but they should be required to get a callsign from the area where
they hang their hat. Otherwise, like I said, get rid of the call area

Just my 2 cents.

73 -- Paul VO1HE

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