[CQ-Contest] Pre-emptive QSLing - was:Contesters and LOTW

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Thu Aug 9 15:37:56 EDT 2007

I don't understand why you think you are disagreeing with me Mal. Sure it's
catching on as a database for logs. But there are still 1001 uses for QSLs
which LoTW doesn't address. And while Pete N4ZR is right that it would be
great if it linked with contest and international award databases that won't
happen for sometime yet. We are all set to go at this end for linking the
IOTA awards program with LoTW verifications but, understandably, ARRL have
other priorities right now (and, yes, we have been in communication with
them on the topic).


On 09/08/07, N7MAL <N7MAL at citlink.net> wrote:
>  Don I must respectfully disagree with you and tell you are wrong. I'll
> just use CW as an example, because I'm not a fone guy. I have QSL's, on
> LOTW,  from 148 different countries(111 on 40CW). The majority of them are
> from contesting. I think that is a fairly high percentage of the countries
> on the air on a daily basis. I think it is catching on pretty well.
> 73
> http://www.n7mal.com
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> The question Pete is surely "universally accepted" for what?
> Why do people want QSL cards?
> 1. To decorate the shack wall and show to friends and family.
> 2. To apply for one of the thousands of awards that exist (see K1BV web
> page
> for an idea of how many there are)
> 3. Specifically to apply for DXCC or WAS (only awards currently supported
> by
> LoTW)
> I would suggest, outside the US at least, that (3) is in the minority! So
> "universal acceptance" of LoTW, whatever that means, is a loooong way off.
> Don G3XTT
> On 09/08/07, Pete Smith <n4zr at contesting.com> wrote:
> >
> > What I've done for about 7 years is to pre-emptively QSL from my own
> logs,
> > using a sorting routine that only generates QSLs for the first QSO with
> a
> > station on a given band/mode combination.  Then when QSLs come in from
> the
> > bureau I just cull through them for the ones I need, and figure that I
> > have
> > already covered the rest.  DX4WIN does the sorting of outgoing QSLs,
> > described above, very easily.  Both cost and time (in particular) are
> much
> > better than going through each card, and I find that year by year I am
> > producing QSLs for a smaller percentage of total QSOs made.  I still QSL
> > direct for all cards received directly, though not always right away.
> >
> > That being said, I would love to see LOTW become universally accepted -
> I
> > have 96,000 QSOs on it now, so a lot of people could get my QSL for DXCC
> > or
> > WAS a lot more easily than paper QSLing.  But back when LOTW started, I
> > asked the question whether I should rely exclusively on LOTW, and the
> > consensus was that it was way too soon to stop paper QSLing.
> >
> > 73, Pete N4ZR
> >
> >
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