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These guys do a great job as well. Very informative web site. Great service, 
etc. I am not affiliated with them -- just a satisfied customer.



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> Those of us who travel internationally have to worry about having the 
> right plug adapters for where we are going, without lugging around large 
> varieties of such adapters to cover all possible combinations.
> For several years, I've mostly been using the "Wonpro" adapters, which are 
> sometimes available in Radio Shack, but usually in limited quantities and 
> selection.  I believe these are made in Taiwan, and in my experience are 
> of very high quality and durability.
> (Note I am not referring to voltage adapters... I rarely need these, since 
> almost all laptop supplies, cell phone chargers, and digital camera 
> chargers are multi-voltage, usually 100-240v.)
> I've just found a website that sells these adapters direct, with a 
> complete selection, along with outlet strips, cords, etc., for almost any 
> country you could think of.  It is www.europlugs.com
> The "WA" series of adapters have a very clever universal input (female 
> side) design, with the male side type-specific.
> The ones I use most are:
> WA-5 (universal female side), U.S. (grounded) male side.
> WA-7 (universal female side), U.K. (grounded) male side.
> WA-9 (universal female side), Western Europe "Schuko" (grounded) male side 
> (also compatible with non grounded receptacles)
> There is also the WA-6, which has a 2-pin U.S. male side, but I don't know 
> why you would want to use this and risk killing yourself, since most 
> devices you'd be plugging into it are transformer-less.  It's no different 
> from using a "3 for 2" adapter, which IMHO should be banned from sale 
> anyway.
> 73, Rich K2WR
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