[CQ-Contest] Computer Log Analysis

Luc, PY8AZT py8azt at uirapuru.org
Sat Aug 18 20:09:53 EDT 2007

Dear Contesters,

The success of 2007 Manchester Mineira All America (MMAA) Contest was a 
sweet surprise for us. On the third year after had broaden the contest 
for All American Hams, we received near 1,000 logs. Mostly are in 
Cabrillo format, minority has been typed, because we intend to do an 
computer automated analysis. I wonder If one out there could help us on 
this issue.
Until 2006, we used a simple Basic program wrote 15 years ago to imput 
logs (one by one) into computer, than generate the results. It works 
like a charm, but it's any more feasible do it over 1,000 logs.
So, we are looking for a script able to process Cabrillo Logs in 
standard UBN analysis. Can we buy it? Where? Any open source solution 
Any help is welcome. Thank you all for get into MMAA Contest.

73, Luc
ZY7C Team member
PT7AG (also PY8AZT, PX8C, ZZ8Z)

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