Brian Miller brianmiller at paradise.net.nz
Tue Aug 21 06:51:12 EDT 2007

The Oceania DX Contest Committee is pleased to advise that the full results 
of the 2006 OCDX Contest are now available on-line at 
http://www.oceaniadxcontest.com/index.html . The on-line results include 
soapbox comments, details of equipment and antenna used by entrants, and 
some photos of the leading entrants.

There was a significant increase in activity for the 2006 contest, despite 
the poor conditions at the bottom of the sunspot cycle. The total number of 
logs processed was 708, 13% more than in previous years. In particular, the 
number of logs from Oceania increased from 92 to 145, thanks to a huge 
promotional effort from the VK Contest Club and other members of the VK 
contesting community. Another likely factor contributing to the increased 
participation was the sponsorship of new plaques for the top club in 
Australia, and leading stations from Europe and North America in the 
Single-Op All Band category.

Congratulations to all the winners in the 2006 contest. Of special note is 
the outstanding performance of John Loftus VK4EMM who is the clear leader in 
both the PHONE and CW sections of the Oceania Single-Op All Band category. 
John is a long-time supporter of the contest and it is good to see him back 
in fine form.

Also of note is the performance of ER4DX who produced the highest score 
outside Oceania in the PHONE Single-Op All Band category. This is a 
significant achievement for a European station, considering that the path to 
Europe from Oceania is longer and generally more difficult than the shorter 
paths to Asia or North America.

The Committee regrets the late announcement of the 2006 results. The delay 
was mainly due to additional unplanned work required to address some 
teething problems related to the new email robot. The good news is that the 
root cause of the problem has been resolved, so we are anticipating a much 
smoother process for the 2007 contest.

Note that the 2007 Oceania DX contest will be held on the first two full 
weekends of October 2007 as follows:

PHONE: 0800 UTC Saturday 6 October to 0800 UTC Sunday 7 October
CW:  0800 UTC Saturday 13 October to 0800 UTC Sunday 14 October

More information about the contest, including the official rules for the 
2007 event, is available from the Oceania DX Contest web site at 
www.oceaniadxcontest.com .

Finally and most importantly, thank you to everyone who participated in the 
2006 contest and made it such a success. We look forward to seeing you all 
again, along with new entrants, in the 2007 event.


Oceania DX Contest Committee (ZL1AZE, VK3TZ, ZL3GA, ZL2BSJ, VK4UC, VK2FHN, 

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