[CQ-Contest] How are we doing?

Leeson leeson at stanford.edu
Wed Aug 22 18:01:57 EDT 2007

All the antenna work we do is supposed to result in a better signal. But 
does it? A number of NCCC members are curious how their stations are 
doing relative to each other and also compared to other west coast 

A low power contest such as NAQP seems a good opportunity to measure 
this. So would those of you who were in recent NAQP CW and SSB contests 
kindly give any observations you'd be able to make? Given the miserable 
high band conditions, it would be a bonus to identify band and time.

You can identify the NCCC stations from the 3830 score summaries. Signal 
info will help us judge how our past efforts are working out, get a 
baseline for future projects and relate real-world results to antenna 
and siting concepts. Please reply direct to me, I'll compile any 
interesting results.

Thanks & 73 de Dave, W6NL

CU in the California QSO Party (CQP), Oct 6-7 www.cqp.org

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