[CQ-Contest] A3S or TH-3JRS or ELSE?

B. Scott Andersen bsandersen at mac.com
Wed Aug 22 14:14:37 EDT 2007


I bought the C3SS in hopes of taking it to the Caribbean 18 months
ago. Force-12 lost the order (!) so it didn't quite arrive in time  
for me
to feel comfortable taking it but I did assemble it and use it later on
Deer Isle, ME (NA-055) and I must say it was a very impressive
antenna. I'm sure you would find it a terrific radiator if you took it.
But, the thing is not only expensive, it is also pretty heavy. The
weight was the other reason I was reluctant to cart it to St. John.
(If you are shipping it ahead, perhaps this isn't as big a deal.)
That said, they had it so it would ship in 48-inch pieces that fit
in my golf case for travel. Very impressive!

The CQ WW RTTY Contest is Sept 29-30, 2007. That isn't a lot
of time to order anything, really! If you're really trying to make
this date you might bias your search on what you can buy
"off the shelf".

In case you're search is longer term:

I did buy the Mosley Mini-32-A. Two elements on a 6 foot boom
does not make for a monster antenna, but (and I'm still evaluating
this), it does assemble quickly and perform adequately giving a
reasonable F/B ratio and a little gain on 20m.

Mosley has posted that they have reduced their lead times to 27
working days down from 38. If you are running 1000 watts RTTY
then the Mini-32-A is not a good fit for you. But, if you think you
could live within the power limits, Mosley can create a version of
the antenna that will break down and pack into 48 inch sections
that would fit in a golf case. It weighs about 8-pounds assembled
(plus boom-to-mast stuff, of course).  This is what I did since I hand
carry everything and try to go as light as I can on these trips. This
antenna will be used on St. Kitts in October. (I used it in the NAQP
last weekend just to test it. It seemed OK.)

I looked at (and rejected) the MA-5B. It looked too delicate and
the specs were not impressive at all.

The TH-3JRS didn't break down small enough to pack within
the standard airliner-safe containers. I don't remember looking
at the A3S, but I'm sure it has the same problem. Is this a concern
for you?

Let us know what you decide (and how you arrived at your decision).
Good luck. 73!

-- Scott (NE1RD)

On Tue, 21 Aug 2007 16:16:36,  Alex Malyava wrote:

> Hi,
> let's put the disclaimer first: this antenna gonna be used for WW  
> RTTY from
> some Caribbean country.
> Now back to the question.
> I am looking for relatively light and inexpensive tribander to take  
> with me.
> I did some researche in internet and found that there are not many  
> of them.
> Force-12 C-3SS is "mucho expensivo" - almost 2 times more than  
> Cushcraft A3S
> or Hy-Gain TH-3JRS. I also do not believe in miracles of mini  
> antennas, like
> Cushcraft MA-5B or Mosley Mini-33, small cannot be good, right? I  
> was about
> to stick with Mosley until I called then and got 30-40 working days  
> waiting
> time thing.
> So, which one of those two is better (or worse)?
> TH-3JRS is obviously cheaper, $360 vs $500, but A3S seems to be more
> broadband and will take more power, 2kW vs 600W.

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