[CQ-Contest] A3S or TH-3JRS or ELSE?

Cooper, Stewart coopers at odl.co.uk
Thu Aug 23 04:16:16 EDT 2007

I have to recommend the C3SS in spite of its cost. It's light, packs
down to a VERY small box, performs really well and it can be assembled
in less than 2 hours. I took one to Shetland last month for the IOTA
contest and it can withstand the Shetland weather too! It's not really a
mini-beam - it has a 2" diameter boom and full size elements (no traps),
can handle power and uses a single feed line.

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let's put the disclaimer first: this antenna gonna be used for WW RTTY
from some Caribbean country.
Now back to the question.
I am looking for relatively light and inexpensive tribander to take with
I did some researche in internet and found that there are not many of
Force-12 C-3SS is "mucho expensivo" - almost 2 times more than Cushcraft
A3S or Hy-Gain TH-3JRS. I also do not believe in miracles of mini
antennas, like Cushcraft MA-5B or Mosley Mini-33, small cannot be good,
right? I was about to stick with Mosley until I called then and got
30-40 working days waiting time thing.
So, which one of those two is better (or worse)?
TH-3JRS is obviously cheaper, $360 vs $500, but A3S seems to be more
broadband and will take more power, 2kW vs 600W.
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