[CQ-Contest] A3S or TH-3JRS or ELSE?

Mike, K9MI mike at k9mi.com
Thu Aug 23 09:14:05 EDT 2007

I have the TH3Mk4, which weighs around 35 lbs, handles 1500 watts and is 3 
elements on a 14ft boom. It's been up 9 years now and I've not had any 
problems with it. I would guess performance wise it would be close to the 
Cushcraft A3. I noticed when a fellow club member donated an A3 to our club, 
it didn't feel quite as sturdy as the TH3. However, in actual use, the A3 
may be just as durable. I've not had any trap problems. When it was put 
together, it was set for phone band dimensions (mistake). So the SWR is high 
on the CW portion, but a good autotuner or outboard tuner makes the solid 
state rigs happy, and performance wise, I don't really notice any difference 
between operating phone or cw. I'm on a 50x130 lot, and I just wish the 
antenna was 70ft high instead of 40ft.

73, Mike K9MI

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>I was grappling with this issue for my home installation.  I used a TA-33jr 
>as my first yagi when I lived in California.  It worked well, although it 
>was sorta narrow in terms of bandwidth.
> In my new home, I've been limited by a tight turn radius, and a weight 
> restriction which frankly limits me to a radio shack mast (guyed to death 
> to keep it from falling over).
> My choices were A3S, TH3jrs, MA5B, and TA33jr.  The A3 is probably the 
> winner in terms of gain, but its the heaviest and has the largest turn 
> radius.  The TH3 and the TA33 are only 20 pounds which is fine, but they 
> cannot handle more than 700 watts SSB PEP.  On RTTY, we're probably down 
> to 300 watts.  The MA5B can handle the same power, is the smallest, but 
> has the lowest gain and is apparently very finicky in terms of tuning. 
> its also relatively expensive.  No real great options.
> I recently discoverd the Mosley MP-33 which covers 20, 15, and 10, has the 
> same gain as the TA33, weighs 21 pounds when assembled, and handles 1500 
> watts CW PEP (500 to 600 watts on RTTY).
> If you can beg them into expediting an order, go with the MP-33.  If not, 
> consider the A3 if you have enough turn radius.
> 73 Rich NN3W
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>> While the A3S is rated at 1500 watts PEP and the
>> TH3 Junior at 600 watts PEP, I seriously doubt
>> that the traps will take anywhere near that during
>> RTTY service.  And the Mosley TA-33 "senior" is
>> rated at 600 watts RTTY, while the "junior" is
>> rated at 250.
>> My experience with trapped tribanders is that
>> they work better than they have any right to.
>> However, if you want to run power on RTTY, they
>> are not the best choice.
>> Good luck with whatever you decide.
>> 73,
>> Bob
>> K3PH
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