[CQ-Contest] Bayonet-type bulbs

Craig Cook craig.n7or at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 22:32:42 EDT 2007

I would go here:http://www.servicelighting.com/

and type "BAYONET" into the search box. Worth a try.
73, Craig Cook - N7OR in Sandy, OR
"...then that's a shame on you."

On 8/23/07, Carol Richards <n2mm at comcast.net> wrote:
> As I get ready for the up and coming contest season, I find that I am in
> need of about a dozen bayonet-base bulbs for my antenna control boxes. I
> think they are #47's. At one time they used to be a dime a dozen. Everyone
> used them for pilot lights on homebrew gear, etc. Any of you old-timers have
> any in your junk boxes or know where I can get some?
> Carol
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