[CQ-Contest] Ohio QSO Party - Saturday

Jimk8mr at aol.com Jimk8mr at aol.com
Fri Aug 24 09:00:20 EDT 2007

A fact you may not have noticed with the recent weather in much of the  
country:  fall is coming, soon.
Which means it's time to dust off those radios, check out those antennas,  
and have some fun this Saturday in the Ohio QSO Party.
The OQP runs from 1600z Saturday (8/25) to 0400z Sunday (8/26).   That's noon 
to midnight EDT on Saturday.
Exchange is qso number and QTH. 80 though 10 meters. Multipliers count for  
each mode.  Full rules and other information is available  at      www.oqp.us
One quick suggestion is that having a county map, which can also double as  a 
multiplier check sheet, makes things a lot more interesting as you fill up  
those blank spaces.  A good source (for all states) is
There are a lot of plaques to be awarded for OQP, including ones for single  
op out of state, single op Mountain/Pacific time zone, single op QRP out of  
state, single op DX, and YL. In the case of the YL plaque we make the women  
compete against the Ohio YLs, admittedly not an even match but not totally  
impossible from out of state either.
We have added suggested times for 15 and 10 meters (dream on!) : 10 meters  
on the hour, on the even GMT/EDT hours; 15 meters on the hour, on odd GMT/EDT  
hours. 28045, 28450, 21045, and 21300 are the suggested frequencies. Memory  
aid:  10/28 = even, 15/21 = odd.
With the phone band expansion on 40 and 75 we have moved the suggested  phone 
frequencies a bit lower in the band:   7200 and 3825.
We hope to see you Saturday!
Jim  K8MR
OQP Chairman

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