[CQ-Contest] dupes

Rex Maner k7qq at netzero.net
Mon Aug 27 10:55:47 EDT 2007

Hi Tom and Others,
I worked at least 5 dupes in the CSS test this weekend,  It takes less time 
to work them than explain that they are a dupe.  They might not have gotten 
my call correct the first time we worked or ??

I also am of the old Pencil and Paper days when Dupes in the log not 
accounted for counted against US but with putter logging and Cabrillo output 

Rex  K7QQ

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>> Hi Mike
>> Yes, there is a feature in N1MM Logger, 'work dupes', that just lets
>> you go
>> ahead and work the dupes.  It just doesn't make any sense to hold up
>> everything to try and look up when the Q was supposed to happen, or
>> what the
>> exchange was.  You can work another station or 2 while you are trying
>> to
>> figure out why it is a dupe.
>> There is no penalty for working a dupe as long as it is marked in the
>> log.
>> Just work 'em and go on.  73
>> Tom W7WHY
> Tom,
> As many times as I've posted about this on 3830 and in this reflector, I
> would like to pose the question why this is even an issue?  I don't use TR
> or N1MM, but if this is true, then why do these programs require you to
> apparently override a duplicate prevention scheme in the first place?  Is
> this just in a RTTY contest that dupes don't count against you, or is it 
> the
> same for all contests?  This goes back to the question, what counts for
> less, working a dupe or having a NIL?  I agree, if I work you again, its
> because you're not in my log, which means either you work a dupe, or get a
> NIL.  Writelog notifies you if it's a dupe, but there's no warning or
> prevention for letting you enter it in the log.  It just doesn't score any
> points.
> Don't get me started on the calls that do it REPEATEDLY as well, because 
> no
> one has apparently been able to enlighten them of this fact yet.
> Charlie
> Ki5xp
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