[CQ-Contest] 160 Receiving Antennas

SQ6MS Maciek sq6ms at o2.pl
Thu Aug 30 11:46:25 EDT 2007

Tom i think you should try the array of 4 k9ay phased togheter.
Here you find some information and audio clips:

Version for 80/40M (smaller one)


Version for 160/80M (little bit bigger but not much)


Personally i think that there is no better rx low band antenna than well 
built long beverage, but if you have limited space this kind of array as 
described above is VERY good copromise.Some top notch polish contesters
even use both : 4 square k9ay and beverage antennas.

 >I have tried a number of beverages and they do not yield
 > the desired result here in the high desert with no ground reference.

It may be wrong but i think that ground coductivity will have much lees 
impact to the quality of beverage than to small reciving loops and 
verticals.Using these "amazing" loop or verticals without good ground 
often cause poor F/B and basicly cannot be adjust unless you made 
something with ground (simple solution is to add couple of radials for 
each loop/vertical).In original describe of K9AY(QST from September 1997 
, page 46) you will see the simulation on various types of ground.
see also:


I cant say what kind(short or long) of radial and how many you should 
attach under single or phased K9AY system.I was using single k9ay on 
moderate quality of ground and result of adding radials was not as good
as i expected - but it was not a desert...:)
Better results was when i start to adjust the termination resitance.
For k9ay you should think about radials in the same way like for the 
vertical - as many as posiblle and as long as posiblle

Good luck on low bans and see you in the contest!

Tom Taormina pisze:
> Okay brain trust, I am looking for recommendations for 160 receiving 
> antennas. I have tried a number of beverages and they do not yield 
> the desired result here in the high desert with no ground reference. 
> I just finished a full-size vertical and have laid down 30 of the 60 
> radials, but have no desire to do radial fields for beverages.
> KA6W has used some closed-loops with FET preamps, but they are a 
> significant home-brew project not likely for this coming contest season.
> What results have you had with the K9AY system and with the DX 
> Engineering system? Are pennants or any other schemes worthwhile?
> Tom Taormina, K5RC
> Virginia City Nevada USA
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