[CQ-Contest] 160 Receiving Antennas

Barry w2up3 at verizon.net
Fri Aug 31 07:45:51 EDT 2007

I use a rotatable loop for directions where I don't have a Beverage.  My 
web page with construction details, etc. has been up for several years, 
but I changed ISPs a few months ago, so there may be some dead links if 
you've seen it referenced on other sites.  Here's the updated link:

David Pruett wrote:
> Duncan, Tom, et al:
> As W8JI makes clear on his web site, the only real improvement in 
> receiving capability on 160M results from DIRECTIVITY.  A short loaded 
> vertical will be no better noise discrimination than a full-sized vertical.
> Here at K8CC, the low loops as WC7S describes are very useful for high 
> angle signals.  However, it is omnidirectional which goes against the 
> W8JI tenet described in the previous paragraph.  This doesn't mean it's 
> not a useful antenna, but it's not going to significantly improve your 
> RX capability for DX signals.
> I've built a homebrew version of the two loop (four direction) K9AY 
> system (essentially a homebrew version of the ArraySolutions product) 
> and found it to work exactly as advertised.  When you point the array at 
> a station, they always got louder. Even the front/side seemed much more 
> significant than the pattern plots would suggest.  However, the array is 
> not all that directive - the only real directivity is the null straight 
> off the back.  However, it IS a good null.  The first night I had the 
> array running was in a CQ 160M contest a few years ago.  I decided to 
> fire up on a freq to call CQ, asked QRL? three times then let loose, and 
> aroused the wrath of some K9 who I could barely hear on the K9AY array.  
> However, he was in the null, and when I switched the direction of the 
> antenna he was S9!
> I also have had an array of loaded short verticals in a four-square with 
> 1/4 wave spacing on each side.  This was before the DXEngineering 
> switchbox became available, so I fed it with a ComTek transmit-style 
> switchbox.  The array DID work - when VY2ZM was S7 here on the FT-1000D 
> s-meter with the array switched NE, he was S0 (needle not moving) with 
> the array SW.  However, it did not seem to help us hear the DX any 
> better. I'm sure the array would have worked better fed with a 
> DXEngineering switchbox.  It probably would also work better if I didn't 
> have five other towers in my five-acre yard :-(
> 73,
> Dave/K8CC
>> Very timely thread....
>> I will be doing CQWW SSB this year from a beachside location in EA6
>> (Formentera island) and am still wondering what band to do, bearing in
>> mind I will only have a few hours to set up shop before sundown. The
>> bands I was weighing up were 40 and 80, the plan being to put our new
>> "KISS" phased verticals through their paces. 
>> In my troubled sleep last night I started mixing up my plans for a new
>> 160m mobile antenna with the spiderpoles I plan to buy for another
>> project, and came up with what looks like an oversized mobile antenna
>> for 160m. In my imagination it consists of an 18m spiderpole with wire
>> for a radiator, a loading coil about 6m from the base, and a cap hat
>> just above the coil. It would sit on the beachfront with two or three
>> resonant and elevated radials. The thing that appeals to me about the
>> antenna is that it is only one antenna to erect instead of two for the
>> phased verticals, and I don't have to lug a load of phasing lines and
>> stubs along with me. (OK, I could do the phased vertical thing for 160
>> too but I think that's maybe a bit OTT). 
>> Now I am awake, I am trying to see the disadvantages of this system, but
>> as I plough through the morning mail, all I see that Dale reckons a
>> short loaded vertical would do good for RX too.... I also see that Alex
>> K2BB is going vertical to the seaside too....
>> Is there something I'm missing here or is this just maybe a good idea???
>> And if it were to be a good idea, how might I go about calculating the
>> coil I need to wind?
>> 73 de Duncan EA5ON
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>>   A short loaded vertical may turn some decent results too.
>> Hope to see you on 160 this year!--... ...--Dale - WC7S in Wy
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