[CQ-Contest] contesting 10 years from now

Tim Goeppinger timgep at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 1 02:13:14 EST 2007

I'm expanding on one of the ideas posted from Yuri K3BU - as far as virtual 
contests go.

Certainly WRTC could be moved to a virtual contest on the internet.  What a 
great way
to truly level the playing field for the competing WRTC stations!  The bands 
and propagation
could all be simulated.  The ops would have virtual radios and virtual beams 
to steer around.

CQ Magazine could announce a version of WPX for the internet, and call it 
CQIP, where you
try to work as many IP address prefixes (255 of them)  in the world as 
possible.  Since this is a virtual contest, this could be open to hams and 
non hams alike.  Imagine the pileups with millions of virtual
stations in the contest.  I'm sure there would be pirates out there trying 
to spoof the rare
North Korean IP prefix (whatever that is).

Another virtual contest could be an Earth Moon Earth EME contest where some 
lucky dxpeditioners
try to virtually work the contest FROM THE MOON!

OK. Back down to earth.


Search for grocery stores. Find gratitude. Turn a simple search into 
something more. 

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