[CQ-Contest] QRN from CFL's ?

Paul J. Piercey p.piercey at nl.rogers.com
Thu Feb 1 11:51:47 EST 2007

When the Admiralty House museum in Mt. Pearl, NL was renovated back in 1996,
they installed compact flourescent lights in the hallway outside the radio
shack. When these lights are on, the radio is unusable due to the noise. I
was hesitant to use them in my house because of this but I guess the
technology of these lights has changed because now every light that can
possibly use these bulbs has one and I have no increase in noise on the
radio due to their use. There are 4 in the ceiling in my shack and 7 others
on this level. There are a few others throughout the house. The one directly
above my radio died a few weeks ago and never caused a noise increase. It
just went off. That was the only one to go so far.

The ones I use state that they cannot be used in an enclosed fixture so many
of my main floor lights are still regular incandescent bulbs. I tempted fate
and installed one in an enclosed ceiling light and the bulb actually
deformed due to heat and physical pressure from the cover glass. In the open
fixtures, the bulbs are relatively cool.

Caveat: My noise level, especially on the low bands, is very high at the
best of times but I have tested these lights and they do not appear to cause
an increase in the noise at my station. YRMV.

73 -- Paul VO1HE  

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> CFL = Compact Fluorescent Light
> California is thinking of legislating their use:
> http://www.playfuls.com/news_10_11698-Lights-Out-For-Old-Bulbs.html
> I love this Q/A from the Westinghouse web site:
> Q. When I first used a Compact Fluorescent Lamp, it 
> interfered with my TV. Why is that?
> A. CFL's may interfere with a variety of devices because they 
> use the same wavelengths. If you find that they interfere, 
> move the CFL away, or plug the electronic device into another outlet.
> I fear this changeover to compact fluorescents is going to 
> happen quickly over the next few years.
> Anyone have personal experience with CFL's as QRN generators ?
> 73,
> Steve, N2IC
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