[CQ-Contest] contesting 10 years from now

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Thu Feb 1 13:00:54 EST 2007

Hank, W6SX, wrote:

> TR Log will still be a DOS program.

Shamefully, I confess I laughed when I read this one.  TRlog is still the Top Dog of CW contest logging software, but I think grade school children in 10 years will be reading about "DOS" in their Ancient History books.

Tim, K6GEP, wrote:

> Certainly WRTC could be moved to a virtual contest on the internet.  What a great way
> to truly level the playing field for the competing WRTC stations!  The bands and propagation
> could all be simulated.  The ops would have virtual radios and virtual beams to steer around.

Internet based contesting is what I visualized years ago before getting back on HF.  Sadly, however, 
CW mode contest activity (whether Internet or on-air) will now dwindle with every passing SK ;-( 
Contest Sponsors may soon have to think about incorporating the NCCC NS rules ability to work dupes after one intervening QSO.

Pete, N4ZR, wrote:

> We'll probably still be arguing over cut numbers.

Not if all Contest "exchanges" if finally shortened to one character: "E" (one dit).  Just think of how many more Q's everyone could make with such a concept!

IMHO, we all need to enjoy what we have left and make "Contesting Hay" while the sun still shines (and until Global Warming melts all the big aluminum farms).


Rick, K6VVA

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