[CQ-Contest] QRN from CFL's ?

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If we are talking of the same devices, viz "coiled" tubes of
ca. 10mm diameter to a total length of ca.400mm which take a
minute or so to reach full luminosity and can be touched for
a second or two without discomfort, then yes. Over the last
five years or so, every bulb which has failed in the house
has been replaced with such a device. I even have one in the
table lamp in the shack.

The QRN is zero.



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CFL = Compact Fluorescent Light

California is thinking of legislating their use:

I love this Q/A from the Westinghouse web site:

Q. When I first used a Compact Fluorescent Lamp, it
interfered with my TV. Why
is that?
A. CFL's may interfere with a variety of devices because
they use the same
wavelengths. If you find that they interfere, move the CFL
away, or plug the
electronic device into another outlet.

I fear this changeover to compact fluorescents is going to
happen quickly over
the next few years.

Anyone have personal experience with CFL's as QRN generators

Steve, N2IC
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