[CQ-Contest] The future of Contesting in 10 years

Jamie Dupree NS3T ns3t at arrl.net
Fri Feb 2 12:06:38 EST 2007

Pete - 

A CW decoder on the screen of a logging program already exists.  Writelog has it
and it's a very good one.

I'm a perfect example of what K8MR wrote about - I "knew" the code when I really got
into CW contesting in the 90s...but I really didn't "know" it well enough to run.  But
using that CW decoder in Writelog boosted my ability...and to this day I still use it.  

And it's one reason I recommend Writelog to VHF/UHF and new CW contesters.  
Some VHF'ers use a program called CWGet and CWType which evidently allows you
to copy and send CW using a computer sound card and not through a logging program
(or at least that's how it was described) and I'm sure there are other programs that 
do the same thing.

73 Jamie NS3T

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