[CQ-Contest] contesting in 10 years

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Fri Feb 2 18:59:33 EST 2007

Ken, WM5R, wrote:

 >  I was not disputing that one can operate an entire contest with
 > 100% recorded voice files.  In fact, my post acknowledges that it is
 > possible and has been done, and I'm sure it will continue to be done
 > in the future.  But your prediction was, "In 10 years, major
 > phone contests will be won by contestants who use 100% recorded voice
 > files."  WriteLog has been able to do this for three or four years
 > now, and even though I have heard stations on the air using that feature,
 > I have yet to see anyone come close to winning a major contest who relies
 > upon 100% recorded voice files.  I don't think it will happen in the next
 > 10 years, let alone become a commonplace event for those using 100%
 > recorded voice files to win major contests.

Methinks one reason you haven't seen anyone come close to winning yet is 
that those of us working to further perfect 100% voice file automation use 
haven't yet built our SuperStations necessary to pull it off :-)

It's a laborious task as Jamie knows to pre-record tons of full callsigns 
in order to reduce the robotic sound.  If the prices come down on the real 
whiz-bang voice automation stuff (about $30K the last time I checked), the 
labor intensiveness would be reduced dramatically.

Still, IMHO it will take at least 40 message slots (at a minimum), or, the 
UNlimited messaging I'm trying to get in Writelog to pull off a win even 
with a competitive contest station.

Example: One message slot alone is needed for the nuance situation where 
you may get only the last letter of a callsign in a multi-call 
situation.   You push one button which combines:

ically.wav><space.wav> + any/all daisy-chained .wav files of the exchange 
to follow.

Other important message needs are for things like:

<please_repeat only_your_prefix.wav>  ... (in heavy QRM scenarios)

<please_repeat only_your_suffix.wav>  ...  ditto

<yes_this_frequency_is_in_use,wav>  (for SO2R Zone ops)

<please_look_for_me/us_on.wav> + indivdual frequency number .wav 
files  (for SO2R Zone ops)

ht_now.wav> :-)

etc., etc.

Live voicing has certain advantages including speed, however continued 
refinements in the voice automation realm hold great promise for the 
future.  One of the big advantages of full voice-automation is 
significantly reduced fatigue.  The older contest ops get, the more 
important this aspect will become.

A biggie for me is that I can eat anytime I want while simply pushing 
buttons with one finger to operate a phone contest.  Try this one "live" !!!

Confession:  My work in this arena has taken a back seat for a while due to 
other "stuff", but congrats to Jamie... 15,000 pre-recorded files deserves 
a medal.


Rick, K6VVA

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