[CQ-Contest] contesting in 10 years

Charles Morrison cfmorris at bellsouth.net
Sun Feb 4 15:30:09 EST 2007

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> As I was on the long drive home, a troubling thought came to mind.
> Now that the FCC has dropped the code requirements, if there 
> is an avalanche influx of new SSB ops on the bands, as years 
> go by, I caught a glimpse of the *possibilities* of "CW" 
> being squashed into maybe only the bottom 25Khz of each band 
> (to make room for all the no code SSB ops who will probably 
> complain about the excessive QRM in the phone band segments). 
>  Perish the thought, but we should be prepared for such an 
> eventuality.

Hey Ric, I agree activity is the best, but don't forget one important thing.
Since CW *IS* allowed everywhere, we may never actually lose "legal" space.
Although the SSB signals may proliferate throughout the entire band, we'll
still be able to pop in between those SSB signals.  Kinda like 40m SSB
operating now!  

So although we may lose our reserved frequencies, hopefully they'll continue
to have the foresight to allow CW throughout the entire band.  We'll just
have to use tighter filters!  :)


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