[CQ-Contest] Suggestions for transporting a C-3 as checked baggage?

Michael Pfeuffer wq5c at texas.net
Thu Feb 8 07:49:46 EST 2007

Hi Robert,

I've been to V31 a few times, including a trip with Jay, K0BCN, to operate 
CQWW.  Jay has operated from there a lot, so most of this comes from him:

1) Try not to use the word "antenna" with the airlines or TSA.  Post 9/11, 
they will give you lots of grief if you do.  Try to call it "sporting 
equipment" or "aluminum tubing".  Don't lie, just say enough to get you 

2) I'd second the recommendation for using a hard ski case.  They're common 
in the airport this time of year, so won't raise any eyebrows in the 
US.  There are lots of fishermen going to Belize, and some carry their rods 
in ski cases, so that won't seem so strange either.  ( Hence the "sporting 
gear" description. )

3) Belize customs can be hit or miss.  Most of the time they wave you 
through, but sometimes you'll have to stop & talk to them.    In theory, 
they can make you pay an import fee for your gear, but I've been able to 
get out of it the one time they tried.  It helps if your gear looks 
used.  Have your US & BZE licenses handy.

4) You can assemble the antenna with rivets held in with electrical tape. 
No need to pop them, if you're going to take it apart in a week.  No need 
to bother with screws, either.

5) Don't try to leave the antenna disassembled for next time.  It will 
probably be corroded up by the time you get back.

6) Belikin Stout is good stuff.  :)

73 & Have a good trip,
Mike  WQ5C / V31MQ

At 01:43 PM 2/7/2007, Robert Brandon wrote:
>I'm planning to taking a Force 12 C-3 to V31 for ARRL DX CW.  I'd be
>interested in anyone's experience in packaging it to check with an airline.
>Robert K5PI
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