[CQ-Contest] Animal Sprint

Scott Neader KA9FOX scott at ka9fox.qth.com
Thu Feb 8 18:42:18 EST 2007

Still looking for a few more people to join the RAT/CAT/Animal Sprint 
team (or whatever it winds up being called) for this Saturday's CW Sprint.

If you don't have an animal call, you can still get in on the fun... 
these callsign owners have graciously allowed their calls to be used:


Team Members so far:

  K9RAT (op KA9FOX)
  K7RAT (op N6TR)
  WA5RAT (op N5OT)
  AC0W (op AC0W)
  K5RAT (op N4OGW/5)

Want to join us?  Please drop me a note ASAP so we can get the team finalized!

73 - Scott KA9FOX, er K9RAT

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