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I asked a friend:

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I translate Jari's text:

Last week VHF test was at -20 deg C.
My ProSisTel was OK, turning my tower.
The base bearing gave horrible sounds, there may have been some
condensated and frozen water inside the bearing.

Many others had problems with their rotating systems, like OH1F and

The ProSisTel spec says the rotors should not be used below -15 C.



Jukka OH6Li

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Onks tiatoo?

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Aihe: [CQ-Contest] Pro sis tel rotors

Anyone out on the list have this brand of rotor?  Im interested in
whether you have had problems with the rotor freezing up in cold wx.  We

had a prolonged period of wx below 20 and below zero and the rotor has
stopped turning here.  The one day where it approached 30 it worked
fine.  Was wondering if there was a fix or if this was just a horrible
choice of rotor on my part.

It's interesting on my small tower I have a HD-73 and it turns just
fine, slow when the temp is 8 below but it turns.  Never had an issue
with the Ham IV I had up at my other location either.  Is this just a
cse of fine I-land engineering down to 0C only or is there a fix of

You can reply off list if you wish.


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